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How To Activate Airtel 4G Sim Card | Upgrade To 4g LTE

→ Activate Airtel 4G Sim:

Are you searching for how to activate Airtel sim? Airtel has launched its 4G services in so many cities around 350+ in India. This 4g network is very useful to gaming and watching movies without any buffering.

Nowadays people are much like 4g networks, in order to use the 4g network in any  4g mobiles people are very excited to change their 3g sim to 4g sim. The  4g sim has totally free to change their sim from 3g to 4g and its comes as a kit with a nano sim as a 2 adapters for suitable or compatible with micro & mini sim, its based on your smartphone.

The process of activation of airtel sim is common for both prepaid and postpaid subscribers. In past days airtel is compatible with only 2g to 3g networks, nowadays airtel has launched wonderful sim that is airtel 4g sim. This sim has 4g offers at 3g rates.

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The subscriber with an Airtel 4G compatible with the sim and handset and also will get 4g networks on his existing 3g sim users. Recently airtel has offered double data benefits for two months, this offer has applied when buying a new Huawei honor smartphone from Flipkart.

Many number of peoples are across the regions, and getting the offer plannings messages if they are shift from 3g to 4g sim.

⇒ How to activate airtel 4G sim:

  • You will insert a sim on your smartphone then you will get an SMS as if you would like to optimize for the new 4g network. Those messages are not getting on your smartphone then go to the 4g sim swap page and request a new sim.
  • You will request a new sim for the second time then airtel will try to deliver at your address within 6 hours . if you can’t getting the new sim within six hours then it will seem to be delivered within the same day to your address. Airtel will deliver only smart 4g sim services.
  • If you change from airtel services to any other services then you need to send the 20 digit number at the back of the new card. After sending the 20 digit number then airtel service will send you an accepted request then you can select 1 to confirm.
  • If you are selecting that confirmation message then your sim service will deactivate within a few minutes. If the sim has deactivated then insert a new sim to your smartphone.
  • Then the same process will apply a new sim and after applying that you should get a internet settings message with the new sim services, after you can ready to go 4g services on your smartphone.

Airtel 4g data plans:

Airtel offering the 4g data plans with the low cost and the same as the 3g services data planes, the starting 4g data plan is Rs. 23. See, how less amount will be available in airtel 4g services compared to other services.

Once airtel 4g service can activate then you can subscribe to the 4g data right now and this 4g services will gives the high speed internet connectivity when compared to the 3g services.

Airtel 4g net balance for the billing cycle and postpaid plans:

  • if You recharge with Rs.300 then you can get 1GB data on your airtel 4g sim.
  • if you recharge with Rs.500 then you can get 2GB data on your airtel 4g sim.
  • 4GB data at Rs.900 and 8GB data at Rs.1550. these plans are available in Delhi.
  • you can pay Rs.250 airtel 4G data plans to get 1GB and Rs.450 for 2GB data and also Rs. 750 for 4GB and data finally ultimate offer is Rs. 1250 for 8GB data daily. These plans are available in Mumbai.
  • In Kolkata you can pay Rs.250 airtel 4G sim to get 1GB data and Rs.450 for 2GB data and also Rs. 750 for 4GB data and finally ultimate offer is only Rs. 1250 to get 8GB data on daily.
Airtel 4G NET balance prepaid plans and it’s valid for only 8 days:
  • by paying Rs.299 in airtel 4G data network, it gets 1GB data for daily.
  • by paying 497 rupees in your airtel 4G sim it can get 2GB data daily.
  • by paying Rs.699 in your airtel 4G it can get 4GB data daily.
  • if You want to use daily 8GB data on your airtel 4G sim then you will pay 1099 rupees.
  • the above offers are vailable in Delhi.
  • And the Mumbai offers are by paying rupees 296 in airtel 4G net plans then it gets 1GB data daily for one month.
  • by paying rupees 499 then you will get 2GB data daily for one month on your smartphone.
  • by paying rupees 696 then you can get 4GB data daily for one month.
  • Finally ultimate offer in the airtel 4G sim users is 1097 rupees then you can get 8GB data daily for one month.

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