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BSNL 4G Express Sim Launched in India

BSNL 4G express sim:

There are so many messages that round on the WhatsApp. Now a new message is playing around the WhatsApp that asking the WhatsApp users to click on the below-provided link &  enjoy free unlimited 4G data & voice calls for one year. We all wishes that it must be true but it’s not. if you receive this kind of messages then just be aware of this kind of message.

It is one of the theft messages that sent by the cyber-thieves to know information about your accounts & to hack the amount from your savings.The spam message should be like this:”BSNL  4G express sim is launched, with the every  BSNL 4G sim every user can get unlimited data & calls for the period of one year.

⇒ BSNL 4G express sim  features are given below:

1.unlimited  4G internet.

2.unlimited calls.

3.unlimited SMS.

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The main attraction is internet speed is up to 10 Mbps. The message although comes with the link that is familiar with the BSNL official website if you go clearly through it, you will notice about the fake among the message. first, you should notice that ’L’ in the BSNL  is the capital & ‘I’  is not you to the BSNL website. Once you go through the link by clicking the link it will take you to the fake websites which ask you about your personal details.

It is easy to know about the fake message as the website is fully errored with the spellings & it asks every time to download apps on your every click. Those apps are harm for your phones. The hackers take control over your phone &  google accounts with the help of these apps & hack the amount.

Data for 3 months Hackers use the WhatsApp as the key tool for hacking & try to utilize the every data opportunity they have in their way. Past of it is gold scam & now for this year it is as jio. The cyber thieves just stay away from the jio war in the telecom market.

They didn’t  promote their free plans & offers  & just leave. Only last day before we notice the one more scam that WhatsApp users are spoofed by believing the fake message which is sent by the ‘Airtel’.


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