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Recently in India BSNL will be launched the 4g network service. BSNL also introduces the VOLTE during the year 2017-2018. At the end of July Shrivastava said that the company get the government approval for using the 700 MHz airwaves band for the 4G services and also for the future 5G services. For rolling out the 4G services, the Telco allocate the airwaves in the 700 MHz band to the department of telecom. for strengthen the BSNL broadband network, the company investing the hundred crore rupees with a cyber security infrastructure.

BSNL 4G sim registration:

For sharing its optic fiber, dark as a part of the revenue from network sharing in 2017-2018 about 3000 crore rupees, BSNL talk with the private operators like Airtel, reliance. As soon as quickly BSNL add the 4g and VOLTE services to its list. The chairman and Anupam Shrivastava have confirmed the fresh report of BSNL movement. Anupam Shrivastava announced this BSNL 4g service Ultraltra news.

Currently reliance JIO only gives the volte service in India but now BSNL also provide this volte service. Volte means voice over LTE, Which provides the quality HD calls and faster calls. If you are making a 4g call, it does not drop to 3g or 2g network service. At the end of 2019 BSNL will provide the 5g network service, which adds most pressure.

BSNL 4G plans:

BSNL 4g provides the excellent post paid plans to its BSNL 4G customers and also provide the additional free data. For the BSNL 4G prepaid customers Telco announced the one fantastic offer that is 666 plan with unlimited calls and network service. In India some of the mobile phones are not supported the BSNL 4G LTE band 41 service but in some selected areas Vodafone and idea networks are supported this LTE band 41 service.

BSNL 4G in all circles:

In all circles BSNL 4g received BSNL mobile network near one closer to you. BSNL 4G network plans reduces the bill of 4g data in all circles and this BSNL 4G data is available only at reasonable or less prices. In all circles you can connect this BSNL 4G data at your budgeted cost, it is starting from just 10 RS. At, this BSNL 4g avail the monthly validity online in all circles.

There will be a shortage of spectrum so BSNL 4g service is not be introduced simultaneously over the country. The 4g spectrum is not available in Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu and Kolkata etc. now in those places, there is no problem with the BSNL 4G network service.

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